Friday, April 10, 2009

The Link Slushpile #3

Maybe this edition of The Link Slushpile should be subtitled 'Meet an Agent, Know What to Expect from One, and Why You Haven't Found One Yet.'

Aspiring writer and visitor to this site, Casey McCormick, started a regular feature on her blog Literary Rambles called 'Agent Spotlight.' Every Thursday she posts a detailed snapshot of an agent that represents middle-grade and/or young adult fiction (often along with other genres such as children's picture books or contemporary adult fiction). Casey supplements basic agent info with quotes, interview links, average response times, and personal feedback from blog readers. As of today, she already has six entries. If you are on the hunt, here is a good place to get some real meat.

While we are on the topic of agents, literary agent Rachelle Gardner dishes some dirt on her industry by providing writers with a list of 10 things you should expect from your agent (and 4 things you should not expect them to do for you).

Finally, writer Nicola Morgan at Help! I NEED a Publisher (And Maybe and Agent...?) posted four simple possibilities of why you have not been picked up by a publisher yet. The consensus is that 'You have not sent the right book to the right publisher in the right way at the right time.' The same principle can apply for why you have not been signed by an agent. Check it out to find out just what she means.

That's it for today!


Casey said...

Thanks so much for the mention, Sarah! I meant to link your Showing Vs. Telling article to my post today. I loved that one.

I think I'll add it. Keep up the great blog!

Sarah Garrigues said...

Right back at you, Casey! Since I stumbled across yours, I've been a regular reader. I think your 'Agent Spotlight' is a great, practical feature for a writing blog. Keep it up!

I'm glad you enjoyed the 'Showing Vs. Telling' post. It was fun to write and a great learning experience (coupled with the thread on Children's Writers and Illustrators Message Board). Thanks for the shout-out on your page. Anything that helps get the info out to new writers is appreciated.

Happy Monday!

T. Anne said...

Thanx I enjoyed the links! Esp. the last one, I found a little comfort in the fact I haven't hit it right just yet.

Sarah Garrigues said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the links, T. Anne. Sometimes it does come down to a matter of all the stars aligning. Until that happens, we just have to keep at it!

Thanks for visiting. Come back again!