Monday, March 16, 2009

The Link Slushpile #1

Taking my own advice, I found several interesting posts on the literary blog front this week.

First, literary agents assistant Tracy Marchini offered some helpful hints on 'How (and When) to Follow-Up with Agents and/or Editors.' This is a must-read for all submitting authors. Don't let unprofessionalism stand in your way to publication!

Writer and blogger Emily Marshall over at Author2Author provided the next juicy tidbit: a guide to getting organized as a writer.

Finally, literary agent Nathan Bransford linked to a new peer-reviewing query site called 'The Public Query Slushpile.' This will definitely be a resource to watch. I'm interested to see if: a) the comments are constructive, and b) if it draws the attention of other literary agents/editors. Thoughts?


Martha Flynn said...

Thanks for the links! I wished I had thought about naming drafts from the e-files are a mess.

Sarah Garrigues said...

I'm glad you found them helpful. I learned that tip from my husband, a fellow writer. He has saved each draft of his novel under different names, i.e. "Title.Draft 1," "Title.Draft 2," etc. An added benefit is that any section he deletes, but later regrets removing, he still has the ability to review. It is also fun to see the journey the novel has taken. It's never too late to start organizing your documents! Thanks for the feedback!

Rick Daley said...

I have the same hopes you do for The Public Query Slushpile. Actually, your comments encapsulate my intentions for starting it!

So far the feedback has been good, and many writers have posted comments stating the feedback received is useful.

I have a suspicion that a few of the anonymous commenters are agents.